Some of the worst period pain in a long time. Instead of sleeping I am sobbing into my pillow. I have class tomorrow. Uuuuuuugggggghhhgggggggghhghgggg.


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Central heterochromia is where the central (pupillary) zone of the iris is a darker color than the mid-peripheral (ciliary) zone.

I have this!

Isn't not believing in Jesus basically one of the main things that separates us from Christianity though? How can they call themselves jewish if they believe in Jesus as the messiah?!




It’s not as central to our differences as people often think - Christianity and Judaism are often close to complete opposites on many things, we’re a completely different religion with a different history and different culture and traditions and prayers and texts and belief systems and values and more and more and more, but yes, if someone believes in Jesus as the messiah, they are not Jewish.

((if they were born Jewish they are still ethnically Jewish but they are NOT religiously Jewish and their religion is NOT Jewish and it’s definitely not Judaism))

As someone whose background is in Christianity and is now learning Judaism, I want to back this - there are SO MANY THINGS about basic fundamental behavioral and philosophical beliefs that are completely opposite in so many ways that aren’t about Jesus.

The one that sticks out to me the most, at the moment, is the view of earth vs heaven - whether we should be focused on making the world the best place it can be, helping people on earth, viewing this life as the important one; or if we should primarily be focused on making sure people are going to heaven and know about jesus and LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE including making sure people have food and clothes and a roof over their heads is secondary, because this life is “just temporary” and the important life is the one that will come after.

That’s not to say that Christians don’t help people, but I’m gonna wager a sizeable amount of their helping people is actually focused on giving them a chance to proselytize, rather than just helping because that person needs help.

Case in point: I go to a food bank at a church near my house, to supplement our grocery supply, because we’re poor as shit.  DESPITE EXPLICITLY TELLING THEM that I was not Christian and was in fact in the process of converting to Judaism, in order to get my bag of food, I have to let them pray for me, out loud, “in Jesus’ name”.  Every time I go, they try to get me to come to sunday services at their church.  EVERY TIME.  And every time, I say “no thank you, I already go to shabbat services at my synagogue”.  And I can’t just say “I’d prefer not to pray” because I don’t get any food if I don’t let them pray.  Their attempts at “saving my soul” are more important than helping me make sure we have enough to eat this week. And this is common, I know at least two of the churches I attended as a kid had food bank programs where they did this - I volunteered at them.  (I helped pass out the bags, not pray, but I knew what went down, and at the time I thought it was okay because their souls were SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than their bodies.)

I challenge you to find a Jewish-run food bank that caters to anyone who needs help, Jewish or gentile, who would force that on you if you were of a different religion, or just not interested.  I doubt you’d find many, if ANY, because it goes against every Jewish belief I’ve learned, to refuse to help someone in need because they aren’t comfortable with you praying over them.

That’s hugely indicative of the difference between Jewish and Christian mindsets, in my opinion. And like.  I’m sure it’s more nuanced than I am aware, and there are differences I don’t know about yet, but just.  THAT ALONE is proof enough, I think, that the very fundamental thinking BEHIND the religions, disregarding Jesus entirely (if you can even do that with Christianity), is so vastly different.  So the idea that someone can be Jewish but still follow the basic tenets of Christianity - regardless of their belief in Jesus as the messiah - is just ludicrous to me, because Christianity is absolutely not compatible, as it’s practiced today, with even the very basics of Judaism.

….that got way longer than I meant it to be.  TL;DR - IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT JESUS.  (and lemme know if this rant is inaccurate or out of line at all, Miri, I don’t want to step on toes, this is just something I felt like i could weigh in on given the topic at hand)

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because a lot of people dont seem to get this:

  • golems are from jewish folklore. dont treat them like a generic fantasy creature, thats appropriative
  • kabbalah is a specifically jewish religious tradition. dont practice it if youre not jewish and dont use kabbalah symbolism as…

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I ordered sushi from this place I probably shouldn’t have ordered sushi from. But being annoyed that I’m home alone and spending 30$ on it, I decided to eat a bunch of it. I really pray that I don’t get food poisoning or maybe an allergic reaction from staff being shitty at separating shellfish from regular fish.

Okay if I die you know what happened.


How to sound like a pigeon in 8 languages
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Look friends! I gave this amazing artist the Hebrew sound!


How to sound like a pigeon in 8 languages

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Look friends! I gave this amazing artist the Hebrew sound!



A latte in Dutch is called “koffie verkeerd” which literally is “coffee amiss” (that’s coffee fucked up basically lmao)

In Hebrew a latte is cafe afooch, meaning, opposite coffee.


A latte in Dutch is called “koffie verkeerd” which literally is “coffee amiss” (that’s coffee fucked up basically lmao)

In Hebrew a latte is cafe afooch, meaning, opposite coffee.

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top seven glee duets (in no particular order) → i feel pretty / unpretty

I’m kind of over glee and Ryan Murphy and the stupid shit he does but this duet has always been a favorite of mine. It’s amazing.

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this fic is a work of art

I fucking love My Immortal.

Oh god this brings back the memories.

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Hey again. I couldn't bother you with another Hebrew question could I? I just read that pigeons in Hebrew make the sound "himhoom", is that true? I could only find it in one place so I was doubtful. Thanks! P.S. Is there a word for the sound of cats purring by any chance in Hebrew? Thanks for all the help, you're the best! James

Heemhoom is correct; what’s sort of complicated is that pigeons and doves only have one word for them. Technically speaking, doves go heemhoom, but that’s no biggie. Cats go perr in Hebrew!


Sondes Lerche’s voice makes me all melty inside.

Also his face.

Sondes Lerche’s voice makes me all melty inside.

  • me: yes i speak that language
  • me: no not that part