My brothers girlfriend just invited me to a party at my own house.

Okay? Good to know I’m invited to my backyard?

Her and my brother were meant for each other. Fuckin’ weirdos.


INFJs may pride themselves on being self-sacrificing and loyal to the ones we love but the honest truth of it is that we’re cowards. We’re afraid that we aren’t worthy of love so we do everything we can to make up for it by being everything to everyone. And once we’ve tangled someone into our lives we feel like we have to continue to bribe them into being with us. Because we’re actually some of the most egocentric people deep down. We’re cowards because we are so afraid that the ones we love will realize that they’ve made a bad deal with us that we never let go of relationships that aren’t even what we really want, let alone need. But if we get off our high horses for once in our lives and realize that people have a choice and they chose to be with us not because of anything we did but because of who we are, we’d realize that we don’t have to break our backs for people while still believing deep down that we aren’t enough. We’d know that we can do what is best for us and still be loved. We’d know that while it’s okay to be afraid, letting go of people is okay too. We’d know that we don’t have to be everything for everyone. We just have to be ourselves. And that’s more than enough.

Stay Awesome


I’m such a sad, depressed person, but I’ve devoted my entire life to making other people happy.

- Mike Catherwood (via dustgasm)

This was a few days ago and it hurt my heart how much it resonated with me.

Zee Avi has a new album?!?

It’s filled with covers???
It’s amazing wow I love her so much.

WOW EVENTFUL LAST TWO DAYS SLASH ACTUALL EVENTFull last night because wowowowowowoowowowowowoowow.

A list of artists I've seen in concert, in chronological order (UPDATED 7/10/14)



  • The Band


  • Ringo Starr & The All-Starr Band


  • No Doubt


  • Paul McCartney


  • Peter, Paul & Mary
  • Simon & Garfunkel


  • David Crosby
  • Kenny Loggins
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • Brian Wilson (SMiLE tour)


  • Smokey Robinson
  • Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
  • The Rolling…

2003 tho. + you have seen every single one of my favorite artists. Many multiple times over.lists like this remind me why were friends.

Also yay Elvis Costello and Ben folds! plus death cab tho. How?!?!

Jul 7

It’s weird. My grandmothers cooking makes me so happy because it’s all just like my moms. If I miss anything of my moms it’s her cooking for sure. And it makes really happy but really sad when I eat it…

Jesus was a Jew. So why are Christians Christians and not Jews? Shouldn't we be part of Judaism because that's what Jesus was... Do Jews and Christians worship the same God? Which one is right?!







Christians are Christians because they believe that the Messiah (savior) that the Jewish scriptures promised is Jesus Christ. Those that still practice Judaism do not believe that He was the Messiah. Jesus is the key difference. 

Jews definitely worship Yahweh, the Father God. They have the original religion, and just miss or disbelieve the signs pointing to Jesus. 

The whole Old Testament points to Jesus. You can see foreshadowing and prophecies of His coming in just about every book.

Jesus is the only way to the Father, so we pray for our Jewish friends. Much of the New Testament is written to newly or not-yet converted Jews. 

What the fuck is a Yahweh

Yahweh is the Hebrew term for God. It’s supposed to be the sound of breathing, which means God is breath (life).

Did you not catch her sarcasm?

In any case, your response isn’t even correct. There are a dozen names and/or titles for G-d, the most commonly used one outside of prayer being Hashem, which means “The Name”. We do not say aloud Hashem’s true name except for one day a year in the Temple, if, you know, there was a Temple right now.

Also, if I remember correctly, that isn’t even the correct pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton.

Also, there are WAAAAAAY more differences between Judaism and Christianity and I can’t even begin to explain them all.

Also Yahweh is literally just the Hebrew letters. I hate the Yahweh thing.

Jul 2

I believe dapper day this year is September 12, but then there should be another on February.

Lulz not with my cousin then but I’d love to go with you anyway. If you’ll have me of course.

Jul 1

do you get alot of questions on here?


Sometimes, just don’t often answer them in public.

Grandma 1 in terrible shape, doesn’t remember who I am. Grandma and Grandpa okay. Grandmas food reminds me of my mom and it both makes me overjoyed but also so horribly sad.

Okay great but that’s a hitler painting. His art is problematic because his compositions make three to four suns appear based on shadows and the proportions are wildly off. Doesn’t mean I like the bottom. Also stupid. But also hitler…so…

Okay great but that’s a hitler painting. His art is problematic because his compositions make three to four suns appear based on shadows and the proportions are wildly off. Doesn’t mean I like the bottom. Also stupid. But also hitler…so…

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can someone give me REAL information about GMOs because i am a hippie but i am also a woman of science and i want to know for real what’s good and what’s bad thx

okay i studied biotechnology in high school like i’ve literally done labs where we put a specific jellyfish gene in…

When I explain this to people and they ignore it I say, “fine! More fish potatoes for me!”

Airport selfies!

Airport selfies!

My brother is good at signing cards.

Camp letter - I know your [yes spelled wrong] having fun! hope you’ve been beating the kids up with your guitar [in reference to my violin]. Told you I would send you a card.

Graduation Card - You made it you made it you made it. Versace Versace Versace medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati. May these lyrics inspire you to succeed in life!

Conclusion - My brother is an idiot and I love him very much.